Belle, also known as Princess Belle is the fraternal twin sister of Bambi, the daughter of the Great Prince of the Forestand their mother and one of the princesses of the forest and one of the title characters of Belle and Bambi.

At the end of the series, Belle marries an unnamed spouse and gives birth to twin daughters named Stella and Bailey;  and then a year later at the same spot, gives birth to a son named Jackson.

She is based on Marena, Bambi's foster sister from the book, Bambi.

Personality Edit

Belle when she was born was a very shy fawn. She usually stayed by her older brother, Bambi's side or her mother's. However, by two weeks old, Belle grows close friends with Bambi, Thumper, and Flower. According to their father, Belle was very much like their mother when she was young, but was mostly like her father in his childish nature.

 Appearance Edit

Belle is a young deer who is shorter than her older twin brother. She has a light tan eye patches, muzzle and chest as well as a tan underbelly. She has tan brown fur as well as a darker brown tail and top of the head.

When she grows up her spots disappear, Belle is considered one of the prettiest deer in all of the forest, probably one of the reasons her father is protective over her. Unlike the other does, Belle has her father's and brother's brown eyes.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Belle andBambi

Bambi: Bambi and Belle were close ever since they were born, especially not leaving each other. They have been siblings and best friends.

Great Prince: Belle first meets her father when she and Bambi were playing out in the field. However, she is unaware fo his identity of her father until he calls them his "children". Seeing her, their father is slightly protective over her more than his son. Unlike Bambi, Belle did not fight with her father and pitifully  watched her brother left.

When she goes after her brother, the Great Prince yells Belle's name a thousand times before chasing after her when father and daughter chase bambi

Owen: Belle first met Owen while she was out looking for her brother. The two grew close and eventually became mates. Unlike most of the stags that leave their wife and son/daughter, Owen stayed with Belle for them to have two daughters named Stella and Bailey and a son named Jackson.


UnknownGreat Prince of the Forest
Belle and Bambi's mother