"She is pink as a freshly bloomed blond as the golden rising sun and lips pink as a tulip..."
—The Magic Mirror to the Evil Queen
Rose Red is one of the main characters of the Snow White and Rose Red segment of Disney Siblings.

History Edit

Background Edit

Rose was born with the full name "Rose Red" in the castle when Snow was a year and a half. The Evil Queen hoped that this child could live up to a better name then Snow White. At seven years old (and Snow at eight and a half) their father died and the Queen raised Rose with an iron fist with Snow often acting as her mother figure. She was usually criticized for not being prettier than Snow White. However, Snow would usually calm her sister down.

Snow White and Rose Red Edit

Now, as a young woman, living on her own Rose meets Guy Williams, her childhood friend again and the two are reunited after a long time of finding her. Rose later becomes Rose Red Williams and the Queen of her own kingdom acting as an ally to Snow White and her husband.

The dwarves affectionately call her "Rosie."

Personality Edit

While intended to be the opposite of her half-sister, Rose is actually too much like her sister and her father than her real mother. She is usually meek and shy and usually hides herself from th edwarfs in fear of them at first. Grumpy included is one of those who does not like her, but doesn't be that mean to her after the fact that her sister is seemingly dead

Relationships Edit

Snow White Edit

Seeing that Rose feels unloved by her mother by the Queen's criticism, she sees Snow, her older sister as her true mother figure and best friend. Snow usually has Rose staying out of trouble, which rarely happens to Rose.

Guy Williams Edit

Rose's biggest love interest in the story is her childhood friend, Guy Williams, however, the two of them do not see each other for another three years until Rose is living in a cottage of her own. 

Family Edit

Magic Mirror
Snow White's Mother
Unnamed Father
Evil Queen
Snow WhiteRose Red