Toreth, most notably known as Tori, is the female protagonist of the Toreth and Taran segment. She is the twin sister of Taran.

History Edit

Toreth, along with Taran were found on the battlefield and were taken in by Dallben, who treated the children like his own as well.

Once Upon a Time Edit

In the OUAT version of Disney siblings it is revealed that Toreth and her brother Taran are the children of a powerful witch named Mairwen and her lover, Cornelius (who would later turn to be the Horned King).

Family Edit



  • Taran and Toreth are biological siblings and were adopted by Dallben.

Trivia Edit

Etymology Edit

  • Her name, like Taran, is derived from the Welsh name of the same name, translating to meaning "abundant", which is synonym for "plentiful" or "rich." [1]
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